L.G. Smith Accountancy Corporation and L.G. Smith Financial and Insurance Services provide a wide variety of financial services to satisfied clients around the United States. We are based in Long Beach, California, and have proudly been in business for over 52 years!

Our company was started by Leon G. Smith, and after 33 years of business he turned the reins over to his son, Murray Smith, and son-in-law John Campbell. We have kept the “small family business” attitude and personalized customer service, while working to expand our client base and services. Our clients range from small families and individuals to mid sized corporations and everything in between!

What sets us apart from other CPA and financial management firms? No question – it’s the diversity of our services. We don’t just prepare tax returns and financial statements. We are also licensed in financial planning and investments, insurance, real estate, and we provide expertise in retirement planning and estate administration. This wealth of knowledge and proficiency allows us to be at the center of our client’s financial well-being and planning. To the degree our clients will let us, we play quarterback for their financial team.


Our experts are no strangers to these waters. Allow us to help you navigate complex issues without worry.


Our firm is here when you need us most. We are your trusted partner.


We are a results-driven firm and work hard every day to save our clients time and money.

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